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About Us

Our Farm:  We are a small group of dedicated farmers who began to farm together on rented land outside the city in 2009.  After biking 20 km to the farm and another 20 back to our city homes we began to really look around us and see how our ideals were in conflict with the way our city was designed.  We wanted to live and farm in the city.  This made sense to us then.  This makes sense to us now.  We were determined. After making a proposal to the City of Winnipeg to landscape their park with vegetables, that fall we started to dig, adding garden beds to an underused space.  And now after four years of running a CSA, (occasionally selling to restaurants and markets) and one year laying the garden fallow we continue to realize our vision.  If you’d like to sign up for a share this 2015 season to receive a fresh box of bike-delivered vegetables you’re in the right place!  Sorry we are now sold out. For other options check out

Our gardens are located on rented land at the Pan Am Forest, north of the Pan Am Pool on Grant Ave. in the city of Winnipeg, MB.  This food is grown on public land where people can explore at their leisure.  Feel free to go check it out anytime!

Why Landless?  Because we feel there is plenty of land that requires better stewardship, regardless of legal ownership.  It’s time to re-grow paradise.  Field by field.  Parking lot by parking lot.

Why Farmers?  Because we see small-scale sustainable farming in the city as an important part of building community, recreating healthy eco-systems, reinventing urban lifestyles, providing a corporate alternative, and because we find it incredibly rewarding to get our hands dirty, bend our knees, and feed our sharers and ourselves delicious healthy vegetables we watched grow from seed.  Why wouldn’t we?

Why Collective?  Because diversity equals resiliency, just like in a good garden.  Because we believe in fairness, not economic slavery.

We have given many educational workshops and tours to schools and organizations over the years.  If you’d like to request one, contact us here or email

What is a CSA?

Why Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)? It is a way of knowing how and where your food comes from.  It allows you to get to know your farmers, share the risks of farming, and be aware of your local environment.  It guarantees fresh food and fair wages.

How it works:  As a sharer, you would pay at the onset of the growing season for a share in the anticipated vegetables of the season to come.  You, in turn will receive a box of fresh, organic, in-season vegetables each week of the harvest (Winnipeg climate allows for 12-14 weeks).  A share will contain what nature can provide whether it be an explosive harvest, or whatever can survive an onslaught of hail, a night of bored, rowdy goslings, or grannies from a time where food was shared.  We will steward the fields of vegetables all season long even if you don’t see certain items in your delivery box.  Some variable are out of our hands.  The risk of agriculture is thus shared.

A weekly newsletter will give you a glimpse into the current happenings on the farm. 

We deliver on bicycle to your door on a pre-determined day to the following neighbourhoods: River Heights, Fort Rouge, Osborne, West Broadway, Wolseley, West End, Downtown, Spence, Daniel MacIntyre and **new this year** Lord Roberts.



A Full Share will feed 2-4 people depending on how much you love the crunch of a carrot. Gentle shares feed roughly 1-2 people.

Full: $550 (+/- $480 worth of veggies, plus $70 for 12-13 weeks of pedal-powered delivery)

Gentle: $340 (+/- $270 worth of veggies, plus $70 for 12-13 weeks of pedal-powered delivery)

Payment Info:

This year sign up for a share online and then send in your payment as soon as you can as your request will only be confirmed once payment is received.  You can pay via the following methods:

E-Transfer:  Send full payment to


Cheque:  Mail, to The Landless Farmers c/o Leigh Anne Parry 22-65 Hargrave St Winnipeg MB R3C 1N3    Note: You may choose to pay with two cheques (one post dated to July 15th, 2015)
Sign up ASAP, as shares do sell out! 



Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions or comments.  
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