Choose-your-own-adventure Borscht

Choose-your-own-adventure Borscht




It’s a lazy night. Why not toss a few things in the pot, walk away, come back in while. Make the beets work for you. The point is to not have to go and get anything to make this.

Borscht comes in many shapes and colours as far as I can tell. This is coming from the fridge, not my grandmother (she’s a newfie so…). What I’m trying to say is that this isn’t a recipe passed on from generations. This is just an international understanding of combining a few things.



So let me suggest this is not a recipe.  Borscht to me is  using what you got and worrying less about what you need.

In any case, sauté the root veggies, cabbage the onions, the garlic, the meat if you like in some oil. Add water or broth (if you have) or even canned tomatoes (if you’re needing to get rid of them). Bring to boil. (If youhave a bay leaf, chuck that in). Add something acidic if you didn’t add the tomatoes, try vinegar, lemon, orange, pickle juice, that fermenting chinese cabbage salad you made last week****. Turn down and let simmer for a while. Say an hour. Experiment with spices. Smell them then what you’ll put it in. Do you like together? At the end add some hearty greens (especially if you didn’t have cabbage). Don’t cook those too long. Just toss in and be done cooking.

If you’re hungry now in this heat to eat hot soup then bowl out and add sour cream and fresh dill if have and desired. Otherwise toss the soup in the fridge let the flavours sit. Eat as a cold soup during the week. Especially a week like this.


IMG_2182   ****’fermented’ not ‘bad’ (establish the difference) It’ll smell    like it’s pickled rather than rotten.

What I did:

– sautéed left over hamburger meat with onions, beets,      carrots, garlic.

-no broth or tomatoes but I did add that fermenting cabbage   salad that was made from dill, vinegar and sugar and kept in   container for a week.

– Pickle juice and a light squeeze of lemon juice

– Added salt, pepper, pinch of ginger, summer savoury, dill and fennel fronds (towards end)

– Added chopped up beet greens, and kale with their stems.

– Garnished with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of fresh dill