A Goodbye

Dear new and old sharers and supporters,

The Landless Farmers Collective have been farming together at the Pan Am Pool Gardens since 2008. We are extremely grateful to our supporters, the city, the land, and each other for the many successful years we have spent working on this urban agricultural project. 
We have come to the decision to discontinue our business. Each of us have begun to commit more time to other parts of our lives and so it has come to say goodbye for now.
There are many Community Shared Agriculture projects around Winnipeg. You can find out about them at www.csamanitoba.org.
 – for resources about small farms in manitoba
www.fmam.com – for direct markets to buy local food
We started this project with an idea that turned into a proposal to the city. They accepted it as a pilot project, and with its success, allowed for a continual relationship. They eventually decided to fit us into an allotment garden contract. We will not be renewing our contract with the city and it will be up to them to decide what to do with their land. It will likely remain as allotment gardens, split up among individuals who sign up. Anyone is able to propose an agricultural project for this space to the city. We encourage everyone to envision underused spaces in the same way and to continue the dream of transitioning dormant urban land for the purpose of farming. We have learned it is possible, and that the city and most (if not all) people generally desire and support more greenery and less concrete. All we did was ask and make it known that we were willing.
Here is the link to the City of Winnipeg’s website regarding allotment gardens: http://www.winnipeg.ca/publicworks/parksOpenSpace/CommunityGardens/default.stm
We hope to see more people doing urban agricultural projects.
Who knows? You may find one or all of us turning over new plots in the future.
It has been an incredible joy to provide so many people with fresh, bicycle-delivered vegetables and a public garden. We have gotten to know so many our sharers and those that walked through the space regularly. 
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.Kindly,

Leigh Anne, Danielle, Simon, Coral