Open Face Philly Cheesesteak Bagels with Swiss Chard, Sage and Oregano/ Raw Zucchini Salad with Sour Cream, Roasted Garlic and Basil Dressing

Swiss chard goes really well mixed in with steak and cheese…but what doesn’t?
Still, this one beats many cheesesteaks you’ve had, and uses lots of stuff from this week’s delivery.

Start roasting some Garlic. No its not for the cheesesteak. …if you were making the phillies to be served on their own without salad, you might want to include the garlic there, and it would taste great, but since we are having the whole thing with salad and are controlling the dressing, the garlic is gonna go in the dressing. For some reason it seems to make things taste better together if you “lead” one dish toward the other dish by shifting an ingredient. (i.e. making one thing a bit saltier than the next….) Does that make sense? Can anyone confirm this? Is that a chef’s trick. Who knows, anyway, I am not actually a chef, but I just know that it works.

Anyway…if you’ve never roasted garlic before, its not hard. Just toss garlic cloves with the skin on right ionto a dry pan and leave on low until the outside browns and the inside eventually becomes a sweet messy gooey goodness.








Now for the steak.
Fry up the following in butter and grapeseed oil:
A couple onions cut in thick rings
Sage leaves (whole, yum, sage is delicious fried like this)
One thinly sliced inexpensive steak doused in salt and black pepper (outside round or whatever works. if you cut across the grain it really doesn’t matter)
Fresh oregano leaves (you should probably put this in later, but whatever…not really sure actually…)
Peppers (in this case a jalapeno)
Let it all fry up nicely for a bit.
When nice and sizzly and browning and mostly cooked through, toss in Worcestershire sauce and white wine and then let the whole thing simmer while you do the rest…

Wash some salad and thinly slice some raw baby zucchini.
Turn the garlic pan off and peel it.
Fire the garlic into a blender with olive oil, some of that white wine, a pinch or two of salt, a few scoops of sour cream, a little bit of lemon balm and a generous handful of fresh basil.
That was great.









Now toast some bagels and leave the broiler on.

Turn the steak mix off and toss in some heaping handfuls of thinly sliced Swiss Chard, which will start to steam slightly.
Take the bagels out and pile all this onto the half bagels.
Top with a little grated mozzarella and fresh onion greens and slide it back into the oven.
When the cheese is nice and brown, take it out, cover with parsley and a another sprinkling of Worcestershire and serve with a pickle.

As you can see in the picture below, I saved finely diced stems of the red and yellow swiss chard to sprinkle on the salad because I am that kind of guy, but you do what you feel.









Anders, LFC guest chef