Shawarma Platter Picnic





Here are the making of a tasty shawarma picnic.

Serve this up with some of the abundance of chopped up salad greens that you got in this delivery! Warm fresh pita is good too. (We didn’t have time to go the Halal place on Maryland or make our own, but hey…).

Also not shown: You can get really fancy and add a bunch of tasty things to what’s below… Things like: turnip pickles (also from the Halal place – they are pinky/purple, ask for them), olives (if you want these, you will need to splurge on the imported variety since the giant Bucky dome we are planning to build over Winnipeg won’t be ready and producing local olives for at least 30 years), tomatoes (again greenhouse variety from the store, sigh…the garden ones won’t be ready for a bit…mother nature, eh?) and basically any other kind of salad, chutney, slaw, pepper, pickle or hot sauce you feel like making or have kicking around. Did you know that a real falafel or shawarma fast food place in the middle east will often have a lengthy self-serve salad topping buffet table that would give a rural Manitoba family reunion a run for its money? Really, you can try almost anything. Mixing and matching toppings to taste is part of the fun.  Pro tip: when you plate it or stuff your pita, make sure to include lots of humus and yogourt sauce for mushy goodness. Consider tossing in a few french fries. Really. But anyway.


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 6.42.59 PM

Below is a list of ingredients for all of the dishes pictured.
Portions have been left out. Play around. Use your intuition. Its not hard.

Salad #1
Thinly Sliced Steamed Kale and Beet Leaves (Steamed over the cooking chick peas then cooled)
Sesame Oil
Black Sesame Seeds
Julienne Cucumber

Thinly Sliced Sorrel, Parsley
Grated Carrots
Thinly Diced Beet Root and Stems (raw)
Lemon Juice

The Chicken
Chicken Breast
Bacon Fat (leftover from breakfast – butter or oil works too of course)
Summer Savory
Salt and Pepper

Cooked canned chick peas (boiled for a while, then cooled, most of the little skin skimmed off)
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

Yogourt Sauce
Diced Mint and Lemon Balm
Crushed Steamed Dates (to take the edge off the yogourt and for a bit of sweetness)









Marigold Rice

Basmati Rice
Marigold Petals
Olive Oil
Chicken Stock

That’s it! Yum.