Week 1 News


Hello Good Eaters,

This is the first of the weekly veggie delivery for the 2015 season. Thank you for signing up with us (again for many of you). It is lovely to see you again and to meet new people. It seems the Community Shared Agriculture model is becoming quite normal locally. Most people have become familiar with weekly farm fresh food deliveries whether they have tried it themselves or know someone who has. The website www.csamanitoba.org has a listing of all the local CSA farms if you find yourself in conversation about your share and want to promote local food.

The month of May was the busiest time for us so far: getting everything planted, keeping everything happy. June has been a bit of a waiting game. The nights have been cool so everything has been chilling out, taking it slowly. But you’ll find the boxes will get bigger and bigger as we go along.

 Recipe of the week: Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce