Week 1 Recipe: Lazy Gourmet Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce

Tired of average burgers?
Try this amazing bacon cheeseburger with Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce.


Make some burgers. Line them up. Lick lips.

Put a large frying pan on medium-high heat.
In one half of the pan:
Lay out a few slices of bacon
Slice a few mushrooms; throw ’em on top.
(The bacon fat will drip into the barbecue sauce.)

In the other half of the pan:
Chop up a couple stalks of rhubarb. Toss it in. Get it cookin’. It takes the longest and it needs to be mushy.
Hurry, the bacon will be sizzling soon. Let’s do this.
Chop up a whole green onion and bulb and some garlic.
Mix it into the rhubarb.
Alright. Lets not burn anything.
Chop up a tomato or just crush it with your hands or use canned. (Time to clean out that winter canning)
It doesn’t matter. Get it and all its juices in with the rhubarb/onion/garlic mix).

Great. Grab a glass of wine. You deserve it.

Right. Lets spice it up.
A little hickory smoke would be nice (if you don’t have this, no worries, this recipe was for burgers made in a pan, but cooking those burgers on a BBQ will probably make up for it.)
Toss a couple pinches of sage or rosemary in – anywhere is fine, but into a nice pool of bacon fat helps disperse the flavour.
Sweet brown sugar. Toss in a teaspoon at least. Got molasses? Wicked. In it goes. A glop or two works. Maple syrup? Why not use all three. A trifecta of sweetness.

Hmm. You might want to flip the bacon and let the mushrooms cook a bit in the heat. Or wait. Depends on how crispy you like your bacon. You can try not to get it in the saucy half of the pan, but it won’t really matter.

OK. You can turn the heat down if you want. A nice low simmer is just dandy. Now is an excellent time to put the burgers on (in this case, try mixing in lots of salt, black sesame, eggs, fresh dill and paprika), lay out condiments, slice pickles. Of course, if you have done all this already or someone else is doing the bbq, you can go back to your wine for a bit. When the bacon’s done, the bbq sauce will be done too.

Finish it off.
Slather lots of bbq sauce on top of each burger. Don’t be shy. Put the sizzling bacon and mushroom on top of this (we told you it wouldn’t hurt if they mix a bit in the pan). Top it with local cheddar cheese and let the elixir melt together for a minute. Start toasting the buns (c’mon, just do it, it’ll be worth it). Got mayo and Dijon mustard? Go. Ketchup? Hmm. Might be wasted on this one. Top with anything you want from the garden. Try some of the salad mix, italian parsley and pansies like the ones below. You know you want to. \

Courtesy of guest chef Anders Swanson