Week 3 Newsletter

IMG_2040Farm News:

Well, It’s looking good. Getting time to do some more weeding.

The rain continues to do all the work. So we’ve had time to think.

After Leigh Anne happened upon a little secret garden down her street she’s been thinking a lot about urban public spaces that include a diversity of plants and a place to hang out. What she found so special about this garden on her street was that it was enclosed and felt like a place an introvert (like herself) or a person needing their ‘own’ space could cozy up in. A public closed-in yard so-to-speak. This year is Leigh Anne’s first year living in an apartment without her own/ shared private yard. And what she’s missing she realizes can exist in public.

We need more places where people can spend time thinking. Our society underestimates the power of doing nothing. Places that can provide a sense of relief, comfort, fresh air and pleasure contribute to the economy of knowledge. We become smarter people when we can think clearly.

LFC has tried to create a space that nurtures people’s mental health. We think most people try to make their surroundings enjoyable, whether it’s their own yard or their office or picking up a piece of litter along the sidewalk or giving a cyclist room on the side of the road.

This idea of how to live together may seem unrelated to farming or eating but it has everything to do with where we are now. We live in a very spread open city where the land we inhabit isn’t used well. Our city is expanding horizontally. How can we rethink the way we use space as opposed to taking up more space?

On that note we are happy to see the zoning bylaw prohibiting beekeeping in the city being readdressed by council. Perhaps one day you’ll find honey in your LFC share.

Also, we’re leaving the skill testing question up on our website in case you haven’t pondered long enough. This is your last week. Guess it right and you get a your own potted basil plant. (Fresher than from the farm).